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  1. Handicap - the number of strokes that you are given by
    an established handicapping system that, when
    subtracted from your "gross score", or the totaled score
    on your scorecard, results in a "net score", reflecting how
    well you played the game compared to past results.
  2. Bogey Rating - the USGA's evaluation of the playing
    difficulty of a course for the "Bogey Golfer".  A male
    "Bogey Golfer" plays to about a 20 Handicap Guide and a
    female "Bogey Golfer" has about a 24 Handicap Guide.  
    This is often a better indicator of the difficulty of a course
    for you, unless you are near a "scratch" golfing ability.
  3. Cookies - a small piece of data that is used as a feature
    of internet browsers that allows some information to be
    passed from page to page.  Turning cookies on is
    recommended for using this site.
  4. Course Handicap Table - The conversion chart that
    moves one from their personal Handicap Guide to the
    number of strokes they are to net off their gross score - at
    a particular golf course and set of tees.
  5. Fairway % - The percentage of drives one has had in the
    Fairway, as opposed to the Right or Left of the Fairway.
  6. GIR - Greens In Regulation - The percentage of times a
    person has made it to the Green in 2 under Par.
  7. Handicap Guide - Very similar to the USGA's registered
    term "Handicap Index".  It identifies how well a person does
    relative to the game of golf.
  8. Handicap Leveling - Very similar to the USGA's
    trademarked term "Equitable Stroke Control".  Handicap
    leveling keeps a person's Handicap Guide from artificially
    escalating due to a few bad holes.
  9. HCP% - The percentage that any Golf Group on
    OurGolfStats.com chooses to allow for handicap
    calculations.  For example 90% or 100% of handicap
    possible net calculations.  The default is 96%, but each
    Group can modify this as they wish.
  10. HCP Rounds - The number of "best" rounds from a
    golfers "last" rounds that a Golf Group on OurGolfStats.
    com chooses to use to determine a member's current
    Handicap Guide.  The default is the best 10 rounds of the
    last 20 rounds, but each Group is able to modify this to
    suit their needs.  For example, 6 of 6 would result in the
    Handicap Guides using all scores, but only over the last 6
  11. Par 3 Average - A player's average score on Par 3 holes.
  12. Par 4 Average - A player's average score on Par 4 holes.
  13. Par 5 Average - A player's average score on Par 5 holes.
  14. Putts per Round - The average number of putts one has
    used in the history of their rounds.
  15. Renewal Date - The date that annual fees for use of
    OurGolfStats.com is due for the year.
  16. Sand Save % - The percentages of times one has "saved
    par" after being in a sand trap.
  17. Tees - You can set on the Schedule, tees for Men,
    Women, Seniors, Juniors, Championship, and  / or By
    Handicap.  "By Handicap" allows you start people on
    different tees based on their handicap rating, rather than
    sex or age.  Leave in the Announcement section of your
    group's personal home page - how you want to split the
    tees by handicap range.
  18. Trends - A review of how a player's statistics have
    changed over time.
  19. Virtual Scorecard - A scorecard for each course that
    facilitates tracking the various golf stats that are available
    for you on our site - printable from OurGolfStats.com.