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Thank you for your interest in linking to our web site.  

We are proud of our organization, believing that we add
value to the international golfing community.  Due to that,
we also believe that adding a link to our web site will, in a
small way, add value to your web pages.  

Here is what your link to us should include:

Our web site URL  -  www.OurGolfStats.com

Title  -  Golf League Administration - The Recordkeeper
for your group of golf friends

Description  -  For a small annual fee, we keep the golf
records for yourself or a group of golfers.  We provide
your group (or you as an individual) with your own web
page, group roster, schedule of tournaments, group
picture, group announcements, past rounds played, and
statistics on your golf rounds - the detail level optional
and customizable by you.

Please also send to us the URL where we can find the link
to us.

Should you have any questions, do no hesitate to contact
us at

Thanks again.