Are these USGA approved handicaps?
If not USGA approved, what good are they?

If you want USGA approved handicaps, there are other places on the
internet where you can go to get one.  However, you should realize that USGA applies strict conditions on what you have to do to get a handicap "approved" by them.  Many small groups do not want to go through that hassle.  If you think you might be interested in that,
click here to get a summary of those conditions.  Additional info is, of course, available from the USGA.
Will this help me be a better golfer?
A Paypal account is not needed.  You can use a credit card through their processing.  It really could not be much simpler.
Do others have access to my information?
The place for your golf scores and handicap
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) golf course
I don't have a group.  Can I still use your system?
I don't want to keep all the stats you make available.  OK?
When do I get my 1st handicap number?
It is true that you will not be able to use these handicaps in USGA sanctioned tournaments, or, to identify that you have a USGA handicap.  The purpose of this handicap is to provide a handicap that can be used in friendly, recreational competition to "level the playing field" for varied levels of golfers for only a modest fee and no hassle.
Only those in your "group" will have access to your information.  The information, for example, handicaps, phone numbers, email addresses for all members of a Group, are available to all other members of the Group.  
Can I be in more than one Group?
You can be in more than one Group.  In that case, you may have a different handicap for each Group.  Since each Group may have different "local rules" that you play by, it would be inappropriate to combine stats across Groups.
It has been shown, that having access to various analytics provides the
feedback needed to both focus efforts to improve and to measure the success (or failure) of those efforts to improve.  
Sure!!!  You will be your own "Group".  We will keep your stats and provide feedback to you on how you are doing.  And, who knows, your "Group" might expand in the future.  
Fine.  Just enter what you want to keep and we will provide feedback on what you provide.  These are your stats.  Add some.  Drop some.  Use them as you wish.
Other Questions?
Don't hesitate to contact us.  Send an email to  
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I don't have a Paypal account.  How do I pay you?
The USGA does not provide a Handicap after until 5 rounds  - for a reason.  A low number of rounds means the handicap will not be very accurate.  We give you the number, but we leave it up to you to determine how many rounds a group member must have to use it in competition.