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Metro Seniors 2011 Championship Qualifiers

Golf Handicaps

Individuals - Basic Handicap for Free.          Statistics Keeping for small annual fee.
Groups - 4-some and League Administration.        Record Keeping for smaller annual fee.

There are a wide variety of features on OurGolfStats.com which will help you with your golf game.  Should you have any questions as to how our features meet your specific needs, please contact us at CustomerService@OurGolfStats.com

Tools for Course Management
Best Golfers on the Site
Data Entry Services
For Gifts or You

Contact us about our Advanced Application which was specifically designed for the features described for the web site plus more. This makes our site the most cost beneficial place for your leagues on the internet.

Data Entry services are also available with, or without, the Advanced Application.

Contact us at CustomerService@OurGolfStats.com for further information on this program.

Top 10 in various categories, e.g. Par 3's, Par 4's, Par 5's, percent of holes birdied, and much more.  Also top rankings on Optional Stats like Putts, Fairways, more...  Stats kept by year.

League admins may be interested in having us data enter the rounds for  you.  This ensures that consistent decisions are made regarding any questions about how scores and / or optional statistics are to be handled.

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