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Many small groups of golfers meet regularly to play golf.  We provide, at a very reasonable price, an easy mechanism for groups to handle golf league admin duties and establish individual golf handicaps enabling competition via net scores (gross score minus handicap).  The playing field is leveled!!

We provide leagues and individuals with meaningful, helpful, reports, statistics and charts from their golf scores.  We'll even enter the data for you.
Advantages of Our Golf League Administration and Golf Handicap Services
Golf Courses and Large League Administrators
  1. No need to be in a major golf club.  Your small group is fine.
  2. Costs less than a GHIN handicap.
  3. Lowest cost recreational handicap system available
  4. Handicap re-calculated quicker than elsewhere.  In other words, the Revision
    Schedule is immediate.
  5. Printouts of the entire Group's handicaps for the scheduled course are available
    from the web site for immediate use at the course.
  6. Group records are available to all - not just the person with the "notebook" or the  
  7. The Group's schedule is available from the web.  No phone calls and no emails
    needed to inform those who missed a session.
  8. Golfers can check directly from the internet the number of strokes they will get on
    the next course.
  9. Standard handicap calculations are used.
  10. Scoring is used to be equitable in keeping handicaps from being adversely
    skewed by bad holes.
  11. More...

Golf League Administration and
Golf Handicap Services We Provide

  1. Without needing to be a USGA certified golf club, you can receive from us
    handicap services for your group (or a group of 1)
  • You enter your scores.  We calculate each group member's new handicap
  • We track other golf statistics, by group member, as long as you provide the
    raw data.
Greens in Regulation - GIR
Fairways hit %
Putts per Round
  1. We post your Group's schedule - where you play next, date, time, tees - and
    make it available to all in the group
  2. We produce your Group's Handicap Listing - all members and the number of
    strokes they get at the specific course and tees you are to play.  Print it and take
    it to the course to determine net outcomes.
  3. Over time, your Group's members can view their trends in improvement of
    handicaps, GIR's, Fairways hit, etc.  We display the trends.
  4. Data Entry of your scores - for an additional fee.
  5. More...
Golf League Administration and Golf Handicaps
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Visit our Contact Us page to review prices, subscribe to the service, and / or email
Contact us about our Advanced Application which was specifically designed for the features described for the web site plus more.  This makes our site the most cost beneficial place for your leagues on the internet.

Data Entry services are also available with, or without, the Advanced Application.

Contact us at
CustomerService@OurGolfStats.com for further information on this program.
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